I have been sitting on Erin It Out for a while now. Mulling over what I want her to become. I love this blog and the idea of this blog. As it all began when I really needed an outlet for my thoughts and internal musings, a place to document a journey that I decided to embark on at a pivotal moment in my life. It was time for a change and I started it here. 

Creative outlets are so important. Be them art or yoga or dance or writing. Every time we actively and wholly participate in something that allows us to stretch and flex these muscles, it gives us a chance to breathe, let go and begin again. And I have been missing that part of my life for quite some time now. Of letting my fingers just start running across the page. Sentences taking shape, paragraphs forming. My brainstorming coalescing into actual shape on the page. 

The original idea behind Erin It Out is long in the past. The idea of taking a full 365 days to be alone, focusing on myself and my own path, without a romantic partner led me to the most incredible man and an amazing, fulfilling, love-filled life that somedays I cannot believe I actually manifested. So I am grateful I took the time to create and utilize this space to work through my issues, fears, excitement, desires. This digital home allowed me room to navigate my way through an important time in my life. 

Well… I find myself at another significant time. I have had a baby, a massive life change I never really saw coming, and I again feel the pull to have a creative space, an avenue for all these new thoughts and feelings. A platform to put myself out there, as a personal challenge to always be accountable for and work my way through what I am internally experiencing.

So I am going to again move forward with this blog. Erin It Out is back. And this iteration is going to be a sort of ‘I never thought I would be a mom, mommy blog’. Not so much a practical guide, or a how-to-do this or that as a new mother, but more of the emotional, brilliant, difficult, meaningful personal journey this will be for me. Life is changing, and I want my writing, the erin-it-out piece of me, to change along with it. 

As with any decent into the unconscious, there comes a time when one simply hopes for the best, pinches one’s nose, and jumps into the abyss. If this were not so, we would not have needed to create the words heroine, hero or courage.
— Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves